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Site Rules

  • No spamming allowed from this site. Spammer accounts may be removed with no notice.
  • People accessing our servers from computers running a virus may be blocked from accessing our servers until the problem is remedied.
  • EnigamI, Inc. is not responsible for lost business due to site inaccessability. Users should be aware that network lines sometimes go down, network traffic sometimes gets heavy, power lines sometimes go down, etc., etc.
  • EnigamI, Inc. does not censor their own or hosted sites, and takes no responsibility for anything your child may see here. Parents should monitor their own children's internet usage.
  • EnigamI, Inc. reserves the right to refuse business to sites it does not wish to support.
  • EnigamI, Inc. may terminate your account if it discovers illegal activity occurring in it and/or from it.
  • EnigamI, Inc. reserves the right to change the rules. If it does so, it will notify customers of the changes.
  • Statements above indicating that we may do something should not be construed as a promise that we *will* do so.
  • Co-location customers: Unless you have made arrangements to the contrary, your co-located machine is not being backed up by EnigamI, Inc.
  • EnigamI, Inc. does not carry insurance to cover loss of software being developed on our machines, nor on co-located machines. Businesses which store software at EnigamI's site should make or arrange for offsite backups and/or carry their own insurance, as they deem appropriate.
  • Mail being of transient nature, customers and users should not assume that their mail is backed up.
  • Customers should not make any assumptions about when or how often backups are made, nor as to the nature of any backups. Customers with specific requirements should discuss this with the management.
  • EnigamI, Inc. never sells names from customers, mailing lists, etc. Customers should be aware that there are a number of ways that other people acquire this information on the internet, and that our sites are most likely not protected from all of them, and that often information can be seen after it leaves EnigamI's servers. Customers with security concerns should discuss this with the management.

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